Netflix's You Star Penn Badgley Reacts To Season 4's Biggest Twist

Netflix's You had a big twist in store for the fans in Season 4, and Penn Badgley finally reacted to it. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the actor to discuss a massive development that left some viewers stunned on their couches. Season 4 of You has had its share of twists and turns. But, a lot of people weren't expecting Joe's new friend Rhys to be his alter ego. (Rhys was a real person, but he had never met Joe right up until his death in Episode 7.) It's a massive shock for anyone who thought the main character had finally managed to find a friend in the man.

"[F]or Joe to be forming something of a love relationship — an attachment relationship, a real friendship — with a man is so refreshing. We got it with Forty in season two, and he was iconic for that reason — and also because James Scully is a great actor, and it was a great character," Badgley said. "I so prefer it this way, because the one thing he couldn't do with another friend is really go into his psychosis the way we were able by doing it this way. It was some of the most fun that I think I've had playing Joe, even just in that he gets to speak more. If Rhys is essentially the embodiment of his thoughts, that means he's not thinking as much. So, that means Joe has to talk rather than think."

What Has Season 4 of You Brought To The Table?

Fans of the Netflix mega-hit have been pleased with Season 4 so far.'s Nathaniel Brail reviewed the most recent installment of You. He rightfully points to the big change in scenery. But, there's still Badly being massively compelling as Joe, and that carries it a long way.

"YOU Season 4 does a few things a bit differently than previous seasons, but it does some of the same things as they've done before. Once again, the series will change its setting from the beautiful suburbs of Madde Linda and see Joe Goldberg go across the pond to both France and the United Kingdom," Brail explained. "Sera Gamble stays on as showrunner and executive producer of the new season, in which she strays away from the rut that series like these sometimes find themselves in and somehow gives the series a breath of fresh air."

He added, "The way Gamble slowly unravels the story as Joe attempts to find the Eat The Rich killer is equally brilliant and shocking. While watching the first few episodes, you will feel like you're watching more of the same, but if you stick around until the end, you will discover a fresh take on the self-proclaimed protagonist. YOU Season 4 finds a way to blend all the things people loved about the first three seasons and then still gets in your head to shock you."  

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