Popular Netflix Reality Series Returns For New Season

A popular Netflix reality series is back for a new season, just in time for a wintery weekend. Too Hot to Handle season 3 is now streaming on Netflix, bringing fans another new crop of sexy singles – with a twist. If you haven't watched the show before, Too Hot to Handle takes place "On the shores of paradise," where "gorgeous singles meet and mingle. But there's a twist. To win an enticing grand prize, they'll have to give up sex." So, what new crop of hot-bodied singles will we see thrown together for some celibate good fun? 

The new cast of Too Hot to Handle season 3 includes:

  •  Beaux Raymond (24) – Kent, England
  • Harry Johnson (29) – Middlesbrough, England
  • Nathan Soan Mingomezulu (24) – Cape Town, South Africa
  • Georgia Hassarati (26) – Brisbane, Australia
  • Holly Scarfone (23) – Colorado, USA
  • Izzy Fairthorne (22) – Manchester, England 
  • Stevan Ditter (26) – Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Patrick Mullen (29) Hawaii, USA
  • Jaz Holloway (25) Virginia, USA
  • Robert "Truth" DuVaun (23) Texas, USA 

The Cast of "Too Hot to Handle" Season 3

- Netflix)

As always, there will be some new additions as the game gets afoot, and the first crop of cast members starts getting cut. This list is only the starting point. 

At the time of writing this, Too Hot to Handle is premiering at no. 2 in Netflix's Top 10 rankings. The series has been a major reality show hit for Netflix since premiering during the initial heights of the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide lockdowns (April 2020) and quickly shooting to the no. 1 position. While critics have savaged the show for its premise (which was inspired by the classic Seinfeld episode "The Contest") viewers kept tuning in through season 2 in 2021. Too Hot to Handle has been a big enough hit that Netflix has spun it out into several international versions, with Too Hot to Handle Brazil and Mexico both launching in 2021. 

Too Hot to Handle takes 10 hot singles who are notorious commitment-phobes when it comes to relationships, and it puts them in an island villa together for what they think is going to be a four week sexcation. But when they get there, they're told there's prize money involved, and it depends on all of them remaining abstinent for the four week retreat.

With winter now forcing much of the US to hunker down in their homes, the fantasy of hot people on a tropical island seems all too appealing. You can stream Too Hot to Handle Seasons 1 – 3 on Netflix now.