The Princess Diaries Reportedly Getting Disney+ Spin-Off Series

Hear ye, hear ye! For all you fans of The Princess Diaries, it seems your day is about to be made. [...]

Hear ye, hear ye! For all you fans of The Princess Diaries, it seems your day is about to be made. Thanks to a brand-new report, the legacy of Mia Thermopolis Renaldo lives on. A piece by The Illuminerdi suggests a spin-off of The Princess Diaries is well on its way, and the series will make its debut on Disney+.

According to the report, The Illuminerdi says it has learned a spin-off is being worked on by Martin Chase Productions. The series will land on the Disney+ streaming service at a yet-known date, but the project is being penned by Lorna Osunsanmi who current works on The CW's All American.

Currently, the spin-off is untitled, but it has its focus in sight. The series would follow the family of the Renaldos, and that means focus would be split with Mia. Not only would be the heroine star but she would be joined by her grandmother Queen Clarisse as well as her half-sister Olivia Harrison.

For those unaware of the sister bit, well - you can thank Meg Cabot for that. The author creates a spin-off series of The Princess Diaries which introduced another daughter belonging to Prince Phillipe. It seems the royal conceived a child with Elizabeth Harrison, and Olivia was the beautiful result. The biracial girl finds out she is an heir to Genovia as she attends school, so fans will get to meet this heroine in this reported spin-off.

So far, there is no word on who might star in the series, but fans hope Hathaway will return along with Andrews. The pair have spoken previously about their desire to return to Genovia. As the second film diverged greatly from the books, The Princess Diaries has a chance to redeem itself with this project, and Disney+ is just the place to reintroduce the Genovian Royal Family.

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