Rainn Wilson Tells Billie Eilish to Move on From The Office

We've all been spending our time in quarantine watching new shows and re-visiting old favorites, and that apparently goes double for Grammy award winner Billie Eilish. The 18-year-old singer/songwriter is a self-professed obsessive with the sitcom The Office, getting quized personally about the series from one of its stars, Rainn Wilson, in a video last year. Eilish and Wilson have remained in touch since then with the former appearing on the later's Instagram series "Hey There Human." When asked about how she's spending her time, Eilish had an expected answer, saying: "I just finished watching The Office for a 15th time two days ago."

"William, it's time to move on!" Willson said in response (through their time getting to know each other, Wilson calls the singer "William Eyelash" as a miss-pronunciation of her name). "It's time to move on to another show, really. Please!"

"I've tried, I can't do anything about it," Eilish replied. "This is the fifteenth time and every time I hit that episode that says finale, I'm always like, goddamn it."

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Eilish isn't the only The Office fan that has been spending their quarantine time obsessed over the series. One fan recreated its theme song using nothing but a piece of paper and a music box. While another wrote a 24-episode tenth season, scripting 900 pages of fan-fiction which they described as a "reunion season" bringing past and present Dunder Mifflin paper pushers — including Michael Scott (Steve Carell), Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), and Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) — into 2020, complete with modern pop culture references to Netflix hit Tiger King, the Donald Trump presidency, video conferencing, and Baby Yoda, breakout star of Star Wars series The Mandalorian.

While fans have been gifted with a cast reunion from the series in recent days, specifically on John Krasinski's series Some Good News, it doesn't seem like a reboot of the series will be happening anytime soon.

"I haven't spoken to anybody at Peacock, no," The Office U.S. creator Greg Daniels previously told ComicBook.com. "I mean, I think that the talk really came up when they did Will and Grace. They rebooted that show. But I don't think that we would either be able to get all the cast together, because a lot of them are doing different things, or whether we'd really need to do that, because I feel like we had our finale.... Sometimes, it seems like people want something, but I don't know if they really do want it, or just means that they really liked the original. It's hard to say."

Peacock will be home to every season of The Office beginning next January. For now, however, all nine seasons of The Office are streaming on Netflix.


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