Rick and Morty Partnering With Pringles for New Pickle Rick Flavor

Pickle Rick is about to make a return, but probably not on Adult Swim. Rick and Morty saw Rick [...]

pickle rick pringles
(Photo: Kellogg's)

Pickle Rick is about to make a return, but probably not on Adult Swim. Rick and Morty saw Rick turn himself into a pickle back in Season 3, with the sole purpose of getting out of family therapy. Pickle Rick instantly became a cultural phenomenon and was made into toys, plastered on t-shirts, and given his own board game. It was only a matter of time before snack food companies got involved. On Wednesday, Pringles announced a partnership with Adult Swim and Rick and Morty to deliver Pickle Rick Pringles. Yes, that's a real thing.

The can of the chips will feature Pickle Rick's face while the snack itself will be a unique flavor all its own. The Pickle Rick Pringles will hit shelves around the time of the Super Bowl in February. There will be an all-new 30 second advertisement for the chips that will air during the second quarter of the big game. Rick and Morty will also be fully integrated into the Pringles campaign.

"We want to do something completely new for the brand for the 2020 Big Game and are thrilled to be partnering with Adult Swim and Rick and Morty, a show which continues to grow in popularity year after year and enjoys a cult fan following," said Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles. "We hope the new special edition Pickle Rick flavor will be a hit with the show's fans."

"We're very thoughtful about who we partner with around Rick and Morty and we couldn't be more pleased with our new relationship with Pringles," said Jill King, senior vice president, marketing and partnerships, Adult Swim. "Not only are the Rick and Morty show creators making a hilarious spot for the Big Game, we're extending this partnership in really exciting ways, all year long. Rick and Morty fans are going to be given amazing new opportunities to illustrate their love for this iconic show, thanks to Pringles."

The Pickle Rick Pringles will be a limited time thing, so you'll want to make sure you get them when they arrive.