Rick and Morty Season 4 Premiere Title Explained

Rick and Morty is so close to a triumphant return on Adult Swim and fans are ready for more [...]

Rick and Morty is so close to a triumphant return on Adult Swim and fans are ready for more adventures. The first episode of Season 4 is called "Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat." The episode title is a parody of the Tom Cruise vehicle from 2014, Edge of Tomorrow. Edge of Tomorrow is a strange little film adapted from a Japanese light novel called All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The plot of that film stems from a soldier in a struggle against invading aliens that becomes stuck in a time loop and has to learn how to defeat the invaders using the knowledge he gained from the repeated experiences. That is probably a big hint to what's on tap for Rick and Morty's first outing in the new season. (For those of you who just can't wait, Comicbook.com's review of the season premiere is available right here!) Things are setting up for the most action-packed season premiere in the show's history and that's probably going to be a good thing.

Fans were probably surprised when Rick and Morty co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon confirmed the length of the new season earlier this year. The duo even talked about how work has already started on Season 5 of the show. Rick and Morty got a very lengthy seven-season renewal in May of 2018. That means that there are 70 episodes coming at some point. But, not all at once, so contain yourselves people.

"This new season will be 10," Roiland began. "We're rolling right into the next batch. The plan has always been to get them out quicker."

"I think it's safe to say without fear of being wrong that the gap between seasons 3 and 4 will be the longest and last time that it's ever so long that it's ridiculous," Harmon would add as well. "I don't know how fast we can do it, but I know it will never be this long again. There were so many things that had to be settled before we even started season 4, and it's really safe to say — as Justin says — we're literally writing season 5 while finishing season 4 just to force ourselves to commit to a certain schedule. Not to get anyone's hopes up, but it is structured into our deal that if we're going strong and fast there are options to deliver more episodes at a time. Adult Swim can say, 'These are on time and great. Do you want to do more instead of taking a break?' And we can then do more. I'd like to see that day. Just knowing it's possible makes me eager for it. I feel like a naughty boy when I'm late."

Rick and Morty Season 4 premieres on November 10th at 11:30 pm ET.