'Riverdale' Star Cole Sprouse Reveals How His Instagram Shaming Backfired

Being a celebrity means that if fans see you in public, they're probably going to try to take a [...]

Being a celebrity means that if fans see you in public, they're probably going to try to take a photo of you, sometimes on the sly. Riverdale's Cole Sprouse has turned this into something of a game, taking photos of the people sneaking photos of him and sharing them to his Instagram, but it turns out that things have gone a little awry with his Instagram shaming project.

In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Sprouse told Jimmy Fallon that what started out as a way to shame those trying to sneak his photo has now completely backfired.

"It starts as any other small art project through like, rage and annoyance and existential dread and I never imagined that when I started doing this and started making it a game it would one, be a small therapy for this situation that happens all the time, but it would also inspire everyone to start doing it," Sprouse explained. "Which is problematic and when we were in school it was just a nightmare so now people are trying to fight to actually get it on the Instagram which it completely, completely backfired for me."

While it may be frustrating for Sprouse to have fans sort of hijacking his "small art project," by actively trying to get featured on his Instagram, it's not surprising that fans are eager to not only snap the actor's photo but be noticed by him as well. Riverdale is one of the more popular shows on The CW, its massive audience gain from season one to season two being a primary reason the network managed to hold steady on overall average ratings as compared to other broadcast networks last year. In fact, Riverdale has become so popular that it's getting a spinoff, though the yet-untitled Sabrina The Teenage Witch series will be hitting Netflix and not The CW when it debuts later this year.

As for Riverdale, the show just returned from its midseason break and while the Black Hood mystery appears to be solved, things aren't getting any easier for the kids of Riverdale, or Sprouse's Jughead Jones. The mayor mysteriously shut down Southside High, forcing Jughead and his Serpent friends to transfer to Riverdale High where they didn't get quite a warm welcome and it's sure to lead to greater tensions as the season continues.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.