'Riverdale' Sneak Preview Reveals Link Between The Black Hood And The Reaper

After last week's episode revealed the crimes of the Riverdale Reaper in the town's history, a new clip from tonight's installment of Riverdale takes things one step further.

In the scene from "House of the Devil," Jughead and Betty meet at Pop's Chock-Lit Shoppe to go over an old edition of the Riverdale Register from 1977 with an ominous cover story. Take a look in the video above.

The headline of the newspaper says "House of Horrors: Grisly Discovery As Family of Four Found Brutally Slain." And Betty recognizes the home; it's the same home the Black Hood made her go and investigate, looking in a mirror with her own hood, and seeing her reflection.

Jughead is probably tipped off after the events of last week's episode, Tales from the Darkside. In the first segment of the grindhouse-themed episode, Jughead gets a ride into Greendale by a grumpy hunter played creepily by Tony Todd. The hunter tells Jughead about how similar the Riverdale Reaper is to the Black Hood, and believes both killers are "righteous" for getting rid of the sin in their small town.

The hunter also tries to make Jughead by their dinners after taking the last of his money, losing his shit, and trying to steal some cargo from the Southside Serpents, but that's kind of unrelated.

Last week's episode of Riverdale was truly insane, even for Riverdale standards, and was one of the better episodes in the series' short run.


Let's hope tonight's episode builds off of that and continues bringing the crazy.

"House of the Devil" airs tonight on The CW, followed by next week's midseason finale, "Silent Night, Deadly Night."