Riverdale EP Says Katy Keene Crossover Is Likely

The 'Archieverse' could be getting a lot more connected. ComicBook.com was on hand for Riverdale's [...]

The "Archieverse" could be getting a lot more connected. ComicBook.com was on hand for Riverdale's panel at San Diego Comic-Con, where the possibility of a crossover with either Katy Keene or the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was discussed. While franchise producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa continued to rule out Sabrina, he did drop a pretty interesting tease.

"We probably will be doing a Katy Keene–Riverdale crossover," Aguirre-Sacasa revealed.

Of course, there's the added caveat of Katy Keene's place in the Riverdale timeline, with the spinoff series supposedly taking place several years after the high-school-set events of the flagship show. That being said, there is one key connection between the two shows -- Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray), who will be portraying an older version of her Riverdale character on Katy Keene.

"I always thought, since I was going to be an actress and I look so young, that 'Yay, I get to play young forever.'" Murray told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "Then I realized when I got to that point that I don't really know what 16-year-olds are really that pressed about....But playing Josie in her twenties is something I can relate to, especially her trying to succeed in New York. It's her first time there, she comes from a small town, close to my background, so it's more relatable."

With that in mind, it certainly would be interesting if one of Riverdale's other characters made a guest appearance on Katy Keene, especially since we could possibly get a look at what the "endgame" is after years of murder mysteries and Gargoyle Kings.

Even outside of that, it sounds like fans have a lot to look forward to with regard to Katy Keene, as the spinoff will create a stylish, spirited portrait of chasing your dreams in New York.

"It is a watershed moment for the company," Archie CEO John Goldwater recently told ComicBook.com. "We are called Archie Comics, so most people don't realize the breadth and depth of our IP. We literally have hundreds of brands, thousands of characters, obviously some way more well-known than others. Comic book people know Katy but the world at large don't know Katy. And for us to be able to start to mine the depth of our library is a transformative moment for Archie Comics. It's such an exciting moment in time for the company and it's as exciting as when Riverdale first came along. It is that kind of seminal moment."

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Riverdale's fourth season will begin Wednesday, October 9th, at 8/7c on The CW. Katy Keene will premiere midseason on The CW.