Agents of SHIELD's Clark Gregg Shares His Support for #SaveDaredevil Movement

Earlier this year, Clark Gregg concluded his run on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD as the series went out on its terms in its seventh season on ABC. Now he's voicing his support for another Marvel Television series to get to do the same thing. Netflix canceled Marvel's Daredevil to the chagrin of many fans who adored the series. The contract between Netflix and Marvel put in place a two-year moratorium before Marvel could use the characters again in television or film. That moratorium expired over the weekend and fans got "Save Daredevil" trending as they campaigned for Marvel to revive the show. Gregg added his voice to the chorus. He tweeted, "Say it with me, people…#SaveDaredevil."

Ahead of this, Marvel's Daredevil star Vincent D'Onofrio encouraged fans to sign a petition tied to the Save Daredevil movement. Heres' the petition's statement:

"Marvel’s Daredevil has been canceled after a critically acclaimed third season, in what appears to be a one-sided move by Netflix. Despite the show’s success, Netflix has concluded that going ahead with an already planned-out fourth season does not serve their long-term business interests.

"As dedicated fans and savvy consumers of genre entertainment, we are convinced that Marvel’s Daredevil has great value, and, as dedicated consumers, we represent value to any media outlet that might want to continue the journey for these characters and their cast.

"Our wishes are that Marvel Television, and its parent company Disney, reach a deal with Netflix that allows the show, in its current format and with its current cast and crew, to continue on a different platform as soon as possible.

"According to the scant information available, the characters from Daredevil and the other Netflix shows are barred from use elsewhere for a time period of two years post-cancellation. Ideally, a deal can be made that allows Disney to take over the streaming rights of existing season and continue production uninterrupted.


"However, fans are willing to wait the two years if doing so allows Disney to continue production on another platform, such as its soon to be majority-owned Hulu service or any other service that is willing to be the hero of this story."

Are you still hoping to save Daredevil? Do you think Clark Gregg's tweet will help? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments section. All three seasons of Marvel's Daredevil are still streaming on Netflix.