'Sense8' Star Reveals First Look at Upcoming Special

Sense8 was a serious cult hit for its two-season run on Netflix, but that run came to an end when the company canceled the series earlier this year. In a surprise twist, however, Netflix resurrected the series for a two-hour special event to wrap things up, and now we have our first look at it. Literally.

Sense8 star Miguel Ángel Silvestre took to Instagram to share the joy with Sense8 fans as he gets set to return to production as out-of-the-closet Latin film star/sensate, Lito Rodriguez.

Allá vamos! There we go! #netflix #sense8special

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This latest draft of the script by Lana J. Wachowski, David Mitchell, Aleksander Hemon was turned in just days ago, and we can at least get a sense of the scope the special will have, based on the locations clearly highlighted on the script's front page.

When we last left Sense8, Whispers and his organization had taken Wolfgang prisoner, so the rest of the cluster staged an ambush in London where they in turn kidnapped Whispers. However, the race to save Wolfgang and defeat the clandestine organization on their tail will apparently take the cluster to Berlin, Brussels, Paris, and Naples.

The Sense8 two-hour special will debut on Netflix sometime in 2018.