Shadow and Bone: Jack Wolfe Discusses Joining The Crows in Season 2 (Exclusive)

What began as a trio is slowly expanding towards a complete set of six. Shadow and Bone Season 1 introduced Kaz Brekker, Jesper Fahey and Inej Ghafa, a band of bandits collectively known as The Crows. This flock of freelancers took on high-paying for-hire missions, with the bulk of their first season efforts being spent on attempting to kidnap Alina Starkov, the newly-found Sun Summoner. Those evil intentions eventually ware off, as Kaz and company join forces with Alina come the season finale, assisting the Saint in her fight against the Darkling. The Crows are last seen heading back to Ketterdam, well aware of the consequences that await them upon their return to the city.

While there's no telling what wrath Dreesen and Pekka Rollins will enact on The Crows when they cross paths again, Kaz's team will have the help of two new members: Heartrender Nina Zenik and demolitions man Wylan Hendriks. These new additions were revealed in a exclusive clip last week.

Speaking to's Liam Crowley, Wylan actor Jack Wolfe admitted that while he always felt like a newcomer, his first day on set made him feel right at home.

"I think ultimately internally I always felt like the freshman, but that's a me thing I think (laughs). But my first day on set was a scene we shot pretty much all together and it was surreal," Wolfe said. "It was completely amazing. It was amazing even just to see the costume hanging up for the first time."

Wolfe was cast in Shadow and Bone in January 2022, joining Patrick Gibson, Lewis Tan and Anna Leong Brophy as the Season 2 additions. While his fellow rookies act alongside one another, Wolfe spends the bulk of his time opposite the already-established Crows.

Knowing that he would be sharing significant screen time with Jesper specifically, Wolfe joked that he flooded co-star Kit Young with a flurry of questions about Wylan.

"I know when I got cast, [I had] so many questions and I remember bugging Kit so often," Wolfe continued. "I just want to know what Wylan's going to wear, what it's going to look like. How does Wylan fit into this universe, in this TV show adaptation of this book? I was just so excited to be there and I had the best [first] day."

Wolfe's debut as Wylan can be seen this Thursday, March 16th when Shadow and Bone Season 2 premieres on Netflix.