Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser Trailer Released by Netflix

After several pandemic-related production delays, the fourth season of Stranger Things is finally on its way. In typical Stranger Things fashion, Netflix offered the first look at the highly-anticipated new season in an eerie teaser that was released online Thursday morning. It's been nearly two years since Stranger Things 3 was released to the public, and we now have a glimpse of what Season 4 will hold. Unfortunately, the teaser doesn't come with any indication as to the new season's release date.

The video was first teased by the Stranger Things Writers Twitter account on Wednesday, which included some very cryptic messages about new information. You can take a look at the teaser below!

Production on Season 4 of Stranger Things has been a bit of a roller coaster, given that the pandemic has caused continued delays, and the actors have had to continue moving to and from the set when they're needed.

We recently spoke to star Gaten Matarazzo about his experience working on the fourth season.


"Absolute weirdest experience on the planet," Matarazzo told "Because filming the show is already, very much in a stand-by year. Like whenever you're home, you'll know if you're going back two weeks beforehand or something like that. But now they don't need me to know what the schedule was gonna look like. And so I guess the last couple months have been more about getting used to the idea when you're going to finish before production approved, or things shut down. And the set itself is a lot different than usual as can be expected. A lot of precautions being taken. And I always catch myself, when we're on set, we also have to wear eye protection and masks and stuff. And because the actors are the only ones on set and you need to remove the personal protective equipment and the put it back on. Sometimes we'll just leave goggles on set. And if you walk back to your chair without your goggles, People are like, 'Goggles, goggles, goggles where are they?' And I'm like panic attacks, anxiety, all that jazz."

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