Stranger Things Season 4 Set Photos Reveal Major Character Return

The fourth season of Stranger Things is currently in production, and a new batch of photos from [...]

The fourth season of Stranger Things is currently in production, and a new batch of photos from the set seem to confirm the return of a massively important character from Season 1. No, unfortunately we're not talking about Barb here. While a Barb return would certainly be welcomed by just about every Stranger Things fan on the planet, this character comeback is a bit more important for the story of the series itself. It looks like Bremmer is back in Hawkins.

In a couple of photos posted to the Stranger Things 4 Updates Instagram account, Matthew Modine can be seen near the set of the fourth season. The actor is wearing a mask, as everyone is required to do, but it's clearly Modine. This likely means that we'll see Brenner appear in some capacity in Stranger Things Season 4.

Look, it could be that Brenner is simply in some key flashbacks for Eleven. That wouldn't be out of the ordinary, nor would it add any wrinkles to the story. Then again, if he shows up in the current timeline of the series, something bigger is likely going on.

Modine teased the return of Brenner back in 2019 when Stranger Things Season 4 was first announced. The actor quoted the tweet with the Season 4 announcement and added the message "ding dong," hinting that his character could be back.

There are some fans out there who believe Brenner was actually teased at the end of Season 3. When the Russians refer to "the American" in the final scene, it's assumed that they are talking about Hopper. However, there are theories that suggest Brenner is being held captive in Russia as well, having been taken after disappearing into the Upside Down.

As of now, there are no plot details available regarding the fourth season of Stranger Things. We know that Joyce, Will, Jonathan, and Eleven will be in a new home far away from Hawkins.

Are you looking forward to Season 4 of Stranger Things? Do you think Brenner will be making a return? Let us know in the comments!