Superman & Lois: Your First Official Look at Lois Lane and Clark Kent

On the heels of The CW and Warner Bros. Television's reveal earlier this week of the Arrowverse's [...]

On the heels of The CW and Warner Bros. Television's reveal earlier this week of the Arrowverse's new Superman costume, now fans have their first look at Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) and Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) in the upcoming series Superman & Lois. The characters have appeared together before -- and in fact the shirt worn by Hoechlin here looks a lot like the one he wore on Argo City during "Crisis on Infinite Earths," while Tulloch's jacket looks very similar to what she wore during "Elseworlds." Still, this is the first official look at the pair on the Smallville farm that will serve as the backdrop for much of Superman & Lois.

"From the very beginning, going back to when she was introduced in 1938, Lois Lane as a character defied society's expectations of how women should behave," Tulloch said. "Women at that point were more typically portrayed as demure, but Lois was always opinionated and unapologetic and uncompromising and a career-woman. Part of why she has remained so compelling for so many years is that she's also vulnerable, and fallible, romantic, and goofy and a klutz - I just find her really appealing."

You can see it below.


"I find Lois inspiring in how little she gives a crap about what anyone thinks of her," Tulloch added. "She's not doing the work for glory or more Pulitzers, she's doing it because she believes in justice and truth. She is incredibly driven and determined and hard-working and she really embodies the aphorism "be the change you wish to see in the world." she is not intimidated by anyone. she wants to save the world with words."

Following the events of The CW's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover last season, Superman & Lois will launch in 2021 and centers on Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin), Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch), and their two sons, who leave Metropolis for Smallville. Superman and Lois have to navigate the challenges of being parents to a pair of teenagers (who might or might not have their dad's superpowers) while also being famous world-savers in their own right as the world's most adored superhero and a celebrated investigative journalist, respectively.

Because the series is set after the Crisis, little is really known about the world Superman inhabits. At the start of that event, Superman and Lois only had one son -- an infant -- and so when the timeline was realigned, it clearly quite a bit changed.

Superman & Lois will premiere in February on The CW.