Supernatural Creator Shares Original Series Notes Alongside Series Finale

Last night marked the official end point of The CW's long running drama series Supernatural. To but a button on the ending of the series, the show's creator Eric Kripke (who hasn't been working on the series in over a decade) went back to the beginning, not just the pilot episode but his official notes for when he was pitching the series. He writes on Twitter, "I found my earliest #SPN notes. The start of the road as we reach the end. But nothing really ends. We're dragon slayers & gunslingers & we'll take care of each other, #SPNFamilyForever. Thanks for riding along. Driver picks music, shotgun shuts his cake hole. Love & thanks."

Kripke's document begins with describing the tone of the series, noting that "It's about youthful exuberance, the electric freedom of dropping out and hitting the open road. But it's more than that. an episode quest across America. Archetypal, mythic America. So that leads me to believe that this show is inherently am ythic quest, a hero's journey, classic Joseph Campbell stuff. It's STAR WARS or LORD of the RINGS, in truckstop America."

He adds, "So, the model every week, is porbably no the invetagiation of a MYSTERY - the way an FBI sturcutre or Reporter structure would's more elemtnal than a search for truth. it's good vs. evil. yes, there is the mythology mystery - who these brothers are and who their parenst were - but every week, our two heroes must do more than investigate whether that ghsot is real - beaucause if it is, then what? The leave it htere to haunt? Or the discover the man-eating creature in the woods is real, they learn the truth, then they just take off? No. they destroy these things. They're classic dragon slayers. They're gunslingers."

The Supernatural series finale, "Carry On" aired last night, Thursday, November 19th following a special retrospective and celebratory episode, "Supernatural: The Long Road Home." All fifteen seasons of the series are streaming on Netflix, though the final seven episodes are not there just yet. For now you can watch them on The CW's website.