'Supernatural' Season 14 Footage Shown at SDCC

In addition to releasing the trailer for Supernatural's upcoming 14th season, the show's Hall H [...]

In addition to releasing the trailer for Supernatural's upcoming 14th season, the show's Hall H panel at San Deigo Comic-Con unveiled some exclusive new footage that didn't make its way online.

The clip came from a scene in which Dean appeared as Michael, showing off his unrelenting powers. While the clip may not be floating around on YouTube quite yet, ComicBook.com attended the panel and we took down some notes regarding the footage that was shown.

Here's how it went down:

A man is seen waking up, shabby. He cleans his body and lays out a rug. He is praying in Islam tradition. He is glorifying his God and Dean is summoned, but it is his God form.

The two have never met. Dean speaks in his language. Says Allah is an enemy. Not Gabriel. The better one. He is Michael.

Dean gets up. Asks "Why are we here?" Michael has a question to ask. He's been traveling to get an answer from all sorts. Wants to ask the devout man. Asks what do you want. If you can have anything, name it. He asks for "Peace and love."

Michael smirks and laughs. That is not what humans want but they say it is. Truthfully, humans dont want it. If so, the world would not be the world. Michael says he would not have left Syria if he wanted peace and left his fans. Or cheated with another woman.

Given that production on the new season hasn't been underway for too terribly long, its safe to say that this scene will take place in one of the first episodes of the new season. It also makes sense given where the story left off in the Season 13 finale.

If you recall, Dean was taken over as a vessel for Michael, who wants to turn the entire world into the realm of the apocalypse. While Dean isn't exactly himself at this point, it's safe to say he will probably act as the main antagonist throughout the new season.

Are you excited for the new story being set up in Supernatural Season 14? What are you most looking forward to when the show returns this fall? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below!

Supernatural's 14th season premieres on Thursday, October 11 at 8 pm ET on The CW.