Tatiana Maslany Teases She-Hulk's MCU Future

Last year, Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk made her way into live-action, with Tatiana Maslany bringing the heroine to life in her own Disney+ series. Following She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, there's been a lot of speculation about where Maslany's She-Hulk could appear onscreen next — and it looks like new comments are adding more fuel to that fire. In a recent interview with Gold Derby, Maslany admitted that she doesn't know exactly what's next in She-Hulk's onscreen story, but is excited to further explore the idea of her being an unconventional superhero.

"I feel like the internet knows more than I do," Maslany said with a laugh. "But I'd love to see what, I'd love to put her — as we had so many other actors come to our show and tonally shift their character. Put him or her in like a totally different scenario, a different universe — which is so fun about the Marvel universe is that there are multiple. There's a multiverse, I didn't know if you're aware, but there is a multiverse. But putting her in a situation that is very unlikely, I think that would be super fun. The thing about She-Hulk, to me, is that she's so out of place, and that out-of-placeness, I think has got legs."

When will She-Hulk return to the MCU?

She-Hulk's next MCU appearance has not been confirmed, either in a second season of She-Hulk or in another project. As Maslany told ComicBook.com shortly after the show's first season wrapped, the ambiguity of where her character could go next is exciting to her.

"I mean, it's really the thing that drew me in the first place, which was — I did not expect this," Maslany explained in our interview. "I didn't expect this character. I didn't expect where she goes. I didn't expect these little weird moments that she gets to... So for me, it's really about being like surprised, you know? 'Cause she's so irreverent. So if I'm expecting or if I want a certain thing, likely the best option is to do the exact opposite."

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