That '70s Show Fans Are Upset That '90s Show Doesn't Mention One Character

The first season of That '90s Show is streaming on Netflix, and the sequel series revealed where almost everybody from That '70s Show ended up. However, there are a few exceptions. The show doesn't address the absence of Danny Masterson's Hyde, and there's no mention of Eric Forman's (Topher Grace) sister Lauria (Lisa Robin Kelly, Christina Moore) or the final season's controversial addition, Randy Pearson (Josh Myers). While most fans of the original sitcom don't seem too bothered that these characters aren't mentioned, there is another person from the original series that fans want to learn about... 

In the sixth season of That '70s Show, it's revealed that Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) is going to have a baby with Brooke (Shannon Elizabeth). Eventually, Brooke moved to Chicago with the baby, and Kelso followed them in the final season. In That '90s Show, Kelso is back in Point Place and married to Jackie (Mila Kunis), and fans what to know what happened to his daughter, Betsy. 

"I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR KELSO'S BABY GIRL!!!!" @oocsitcoms tweeted. "Like what happened to Kelso's daughter. Bc she was born like what 1979???? Which makes them only a year apart ???? WHERE IS SHE ?? WHERE IS BETSY??!?!?" @daylightluna wondered. "I'm only on episode one but where's Kelso's daughter? In 95 she would only be like 16 or 17 so where is she?" @Alex86198240 asked. "I'm upset that they didn't mention Kelso's daughter at all bc she was such a big part of his life where tf is Betsy y'all," @W1LLESHUGS tweeted. 

However, Twitter user @beet_lejuice provided a counterargument: "Do people not use logic anymore? Whining about Kelso's daughter. Brooke and him obviously didn't end up together so the daughter, like most separated parents situation, lives with the mother. Like it's not that hard to use your brain." 

Hopefully, if That '90s Show gets a second season, Betsy will visit Point Place from Chicago. Were you bothered by her absence? Tell us in the comments! 

Why Did Jackie Break Up With Fez After That '70s Show?

When That '70s Show ended, Jackie ended up with Fez (Wilmer Valderrama), much to the dismay of fans. Before That '90s Show debuted, it was revealed that Jackie would now be married to Kelso. In the first episode, "That '90s Pilot," the duo is seen together in the Forman's kitchen because their son has started hanging out with Eric and Donna's daughter. In their brief cameo, they both seem to have returned to their original form. They duo shares that they're about to have their second remarriage, which implies that they never stopped breaking up and getting back together. In the third episode, "Lip Smackers," Kitty goes to Fez's salon to talk him out of dating her neighbor. While there, Fez explains what happened between him and Jackie. "We ⁣⁣⁣were at Hedonism Resort in Jamacia, and I caught her on the phone one night... with Michael," Fez explains. "She left me there."

That '90s Show is now streaming on Netflix.