The Big Bang Theory Star Says Even Writers Were Unsure If Amy Would Accept Sheldon's Marriage Proposal

The Big Bang Theory might have come to an end years ago, but a number of memorable moments from [...]

The Big Bang Theory might have come to an end years ago, but a number of memorable moments from the series are still being talked about. A lot of those moments spawn from massive character twists or status quo changes, including the engagement of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik). The proposal became a major plot point within the series, factoring into both the Season 10 finale and the Season 11 premiere. While Amy did accept Sheldon's proposal and the pair ended up happily married, Bialik recently spoke to Yahoo! about the original apprehension she had about whether or not that would happen — an apprehension that she says the writers shared.

"To be honest, I'm sure that our writers got to sort of talk it out," Bialik revealed. "We have such an amazing group of writers and I was close with several of them and actually kind of talked to them in the off-season - and not influence them in any way. They didn't even necessarily have a unanimous agreement on what should happen. It's something that they had to decide as a show, 'What are we going to do?'"

During the Season 10 hiatus, Bialik had played it relatively coy about whether or not Amy was going to say yes to the proposal — and as she revealed, that was deliberate for a specific reason, because she was actually in the dark.

"No, no, no. I really did not know the answer," Bialik said. "One thing about me is that I actually don't lie. It's just a feature of my personality," Bialik continued. "So, no. If I would've known, I would've told you, 'I know, but I'm not telling you.'"

In an interview last year, Bialik spoke about the decision to bring The Big Bang Theory to a close, and also why a reunion might not be happening anytime soon.

"The whole cast, we kind of talked about it together, but I think the reality of it ending took a long time for it to really settle in," Bialik explained at the time. "What felt the strangest wasn't when we finished filming in the spring, it was in the fall when we would have been going back to work."

"There's a lot of legal stuff which is very boring about why shows do have reunions and don't, but I think it's probably too soon," Bialik added on the topic of a reunion.

All seasons of The Big Bang Theory are currently available to stream on HBO Max.