The Boys Star Was Upset They Didn't Get to Appear at Herogasm

As fans of The Boys may recall, one character didn't appear in the big Herogasm episode and everyone was certain that Frenchie would be heartbroken that he missed it. Turns out the actor who plays Frenchie, Tomer Capone, was also pretty broken up about how he didn't get to attend or even watch the massive superhero orgy. In the long run it was perhaps the best that Frenchie wasn't present for the event, in addition to his own things that were going on at the time, the 70th Herogasm resulted in more than one person not making it home alive. For Capone however it was still something that inspired on-set FOMO.

"I read the script, and I read about 'Herogasm', and I'm continuing reading, and Frenchie's not there. And that's when I start to curse in French while reading the script [laughs]." Capone told Digital Spy. "And I'm like: 'I'm going to write Eric Kripke an email.' And it's typical Frenchie coming out of me. I don't know. I still didn't get over it, I still didn't get over it. So many people were upset for me, and for Frenchie missing it, which I just want to say, through this platform: thank you, guys. You really helped me cope with the fact that I missed 'Herogasm.'"

In the season three finale, Frenchie was instrumental in the fight to take down Soldier Boy, at least making him a little more vulnerable than expected. He also used that episode to finally stand up to Billy Butcher and defend himself, leaving room for perhaps an awkward season least more awkward than usual. Capone offered his own thoughts and hopes for the next batch of episodes as well, adding:

"Do you know what? I've got to be honest. I'm anxious and I'm excited and thrilled just like you or the fans that are saying to themselves, 'What's next?' Listen, man, for me, getting the script is like the Christmas present that I never get to have. Because I don't celebrate Christmas. I'm Jewish. It's like wrapping a gift up. I don't even want to ruin what Santa Claus has in store for season four for Frenchie [laughs]."

The Boys season four begins filming later this summer, an official release date has not been announced. In addition to that series however Amazon is also shooting The Boys Presents: Varsity, a new spinoff set in the world of Vought's supes.