Star Wars: The Mandalorian Director Offers First Look at Baby Yoda in Season 2

It's Star Wars Day, so it's only reasonable fans far and wide are celebrating the occasion. One of those fans includes filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, who confirmed Monday afternoon he had directed an episode of The Mandalorian Season Two. Not only did the director behind Sin City and Alita: Battle Angel confirm his involvement in the production, but he also technically revealed the first look at Baby Yoda in Season Two as the little tyke sits in the cockpit of the Razor Crest.

"I am truly humbled to say I have now had the very rare privilege of directing the biggest star in the universe," Rodriguez tweeted alongside a picture of himself posing with the animatronic Baby Yoda puppet.

Rodriguez has been rumored to join the production since earlier this year, joining a roster that includes Dave Filoni, Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Jon Favreau — the latter, of which, has a good working relationship with Disney.

"First of all, we have great faith in Jon. Both as a storyteller, but also as a storyteller like George that knows how to use technology for the good of his stories, and the good of the audience that will ultimately hear or see the stories," Iger told The Star Wars Show. "We had seen that in Jungle Book, which he remade for us, which I thought was brilliant in so many different ways. We certainly saw that in Lion King, which was breakthrough in many ways."

He continued, "And so when Jon pitched the idea of a Star Wars series, we immediately understood not only did we have a great storyteller, but we had a storyteller that was going to continue to write new rules of sorts or mine new territory in terms of how he was going to use technology to tell great stories that felt fresh, that felt important, that felt big, that took people to new places and created new experiences, and so it was a very easy decision for us to make."


Baby Yoda can be seen in the first season of The Mandalorian, now streaming on Disney+. Season Two of the series is due out this October.