The Office Is Deep-Discounted on Digital For New Year's

The Office has officially left Netflix, and NBC Universal is doing its best to give the long-running NBC sitcom the best launch it can on Peacock, the streaming platform owned by The Office's home network and production company. Since the series has always performed well digitally -- some of the earliest big hits on the iTunes per-episode purchase charts were episodes of The Office, at a time when the series was not yet king of Thursday nights, and it has now almost certainly been seen by more people on Netflix than it was during its broadcast run on NBC from 2005-2013.

There are, of course, box sets available of the DVD and Blu-ray for around $60 and $120 respectively, and Peacock itself is not especially expensive. That means that while it may have left Netflix, The Office remains easy to watch for the series' fans. That said, there are certainly fans who want to watch The Office, but don't want Peacock and prefer to get their movies and TV digitally.

For those people, a great choice might be the 48-hour sale going on at Vudu (which unfortunately launched yesterday, making it more of a 24-hour sale at this point). They are offering fans the opportunity to bundle dozens of TV series, buying multiple (often all) seasons of a show as a complete package, for under $30. TV shows involved include comic book shows like Preacher, Teen Titans Go!, and Batman: The Animated Series -- but also The Office, Chuck, and Heroes (along with other fan-favorites from NBC Universal and Warner Bros.' archives.

You can check the sale out here. The Office -- all eight seasons -- will run you $29.99, and you'll own it forever, even if Peacock jacks up their price, or licenses the show out to another streamer down the line (which, let's face it, is kind of unlikely in and of itself).

Besides the sale, NBCU -- which has long promised that when The Office came to Peacock it would include content never released before -- have released a previously-unseen cold open for an episode of the series, in which Jim and Pam set up an elaborate ruse to prove to Dwight he is secretly living in The Matrix.

The first two seasons of The Office are free to stream on Peacock, so anyone can log on to watch them without paying a dime. However, everything from Season 3 to the end of the series falls under Peacock's premium umbrella. A premium subscription to Peacock costs $4.99, though that still comes with ads. You can pay $9.99 per month to enjoy all of Peacock's offerings without any commercials.


Will you be heading over to Peacock to watch The Office now that it has changed streaming homes? Let us know in the comments!

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