The Office Creator Reportedly Wants to Reboot Hit Series

the office
(Photo: NBC)

The Office is continually one of the most popular shows streamed on Netflix and sooner or later, NBC will want to cash in on the massive cash cow. In fact, as Thanos would put it, it's practically inevitable. In a recent profile piece by THR, former NBC executive Bob Greenblatt admitted he had discussed a reboot of the show with Greg Daniels upwards of four years ago. At the time, Greenblatt was serving as the chairman of NBC Entertainment and says Daniels "actually has an idea for it."

"But, look, I was talking to Greg Daniels four years ago about rebooting The Office, way before this," Greenblatt says. "He wants to do it and actually has an idea for it." Greenblatt now serves as chairman for WarnerMedia Entertainment, a similar position he held with NBC. Now with Warner, Greenblatt will oversee the launch of HBO Max in the coming months.

This isn't the first time Daniels has been in the news for a potential reboot. Earlier this year, he said he'd consider returning for a reboot, though he admitted there was a concern of disappointing fans of the original series.

"It was such a perfect thing that I would hesitate to open it up," the writer said. "We got the chance to end it the way we wanted to end it. It wasn't like we were interrupted in the middle of a run or something. So in a sense it's completely an artistic whole. But, that said, I don't know, the cast every now and then talks about getting back together in some form, but I don't see it being a reboot like the way Will & Grace was rebooted."

"My biggest concern would be disappointing the fans. People will watch the entire series and then roll right into watching it again, and to me that means we ended it properly."


All nine seasons of The Office are currently streaming on Netflix.