The Office's Uncle Stan Spin-off Reaches Funding Goal on Kickstarter

Uncle Stan, the unofficial spinoff to The Office starring veteran character actor Leslie David Baker, is officially moving forward as the project surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter today, with about two weeks left in the campaign. The project, which follows "Uncle Stan" -- an allusion to Baker's charcter of Stanley Hudson from The Office -- has been one of the most-buzzed-about projects on Kickstarter since it was announced last month. After a slow start, the project picked up a good deal of steam this week, possibly because Baker himself had committed to contributing money he earned on Cameo to the Kickstarter, so that he was buying in just like he was asking the fans to do.

The series has been fairly secretive, and it seems likely that now that the funding goal has been surpassed, fans might start to learn more in the way of specific details about Uncle Stan soon. When fans had asked about potential casting and production details during a recent Reddit AMA, Baker told them that those details would be under wraps until the show was officially a go.

"The reason why I came up with the idea that we should do Uncle Stan, is that going to the different comic cons and in-person appearances, people kept asking about the character Stanley," Baker told recently. "Well, what do you think he's doing now? Where is he? Is he still living in Florida? What kind of life is he having? What's retirement like for him? And that made me say, 'Hmm, people wanna know about this character and his life ever after.'"

Here's the official statement from Sardar Khan, who is overseeing the crowdfunding campaign for the show:

"We did it! You all are the best ever! Together we have surpassed our funding goal! Thank you all so much!!!

"We still have 15 days left in the Kickstarter campaign! We will be adding some amazing new perks/rewards (including the artwork in this post) to our Kickstarter campaign and announcing our "stretch goals".

"The extra funds we raise will be used to make the show even more epic! This means we can add more Appearences and implement plans to deliver an even higher quality project and experience for all of you! There will be a detailed post coming shortly!"


Baker has said that the plan is to pitch the series to network television, tipping his hand slightly that he has a particular interest in NBC, where The Office aired and to whom its streaming rights will return in 2021.