The Purge Season 2 Gets New Poster and Trailer

The Purge TV series is headed back to USA Network for season 2, which will take an anthology [...]

The Purge TV series is headed back to USA Network for season 2, which will take an anthology approach to the series, by launching fans into a whole new Purge storyline. In order to get fans ready and waiting for The Purge's return, USA has released a new set poster and trailer for the show.

You can check out the new trailer for The Purge season 2 above - and the new poster for the sophomore season, below!

The Purge Season Trailer Poster USA Network

The new trailer sets up the premise for The Purge season 2, which is taking the unprecedented approach of actually focusing the majority of its time on what occurs in the yearly span between Purge nights. The new season begins in the final drastic hours of one Purge Night, and then follows an ensemble of characters along their year-long journeys to the next Purge Night. Based on what occurs at the start of the season, grief, trauma, and revenge will cooked into many of the character arcs, and this official season 2 trailer gives you a good idea of why each of the main players will be gunning for (or running from) something, come next Purge.

You can get more info on the The Purge season 2 cast and characters, below:

  • Derek Luke will play Marcus Moore, an accomplished professional with a loving wife (Rochelle Aytes) and a beautiful house whose seemingly perfect life is shattered when an assassin breaks into his house on Purge night.
  • Max Martini will portray Ryan Grant. Unassuming yet laser-focused, Ryan spends his entire year precisely preparing for a massive once-a-year Purge heist with his long-time crew.
  • Paola Nuñez will play Esme Carmona. A top employee at an NFFA surveillance center, Esme has dedicated her life to spotting crimes and digitally tagging lawbreakers.
  • Joel Allen is Ben. A clean-cut, fraternity member from a middle-class suburban family, Ben's life changes forever when he goes out on Purge night for the first time.
  • Chelle Ramos is Sara. From the look of things, Sara is a tough Cop or military servicewoman trying to keep peace and order.

The potentially make-or-break aspect of this approach to The Purge storyline is the variety that it offers. Season 2's various storylines offer everything from a mystery-thriller story (Marcus Moore); to a heist-thriller (Max Martini); a Nietzschean descent-into-madness character study (Joel Allen); as well as larger socio-political commentary in the storylines that Nuñez and Ramos will play out. It's arguably a better setup than the drama-laced storylines of season 1, which at times veered into heavy melodrama or big stretches of logic, in order to bring the various storylines into a cohesive and meaningful finale.

The Purge season 2 will premiere on USA on October 15th.