'The Simpsons' Tackles Why Maggie Is Still A Baby On Twitter

For nearly 30 years, The Simpsons has been the first family in animated sitcoms, regularly providing laughs and pop culture riffs on Sunday nights. Despite the family being fictional and a cartoon, one Twitter user still questioned why one-year-old Maggie hasn't aged, with the show's official Twitter account chalking it up to "magic."

the simpsons maggie baby question
(Photo: Twitter, brianfink)

The saga began simply enough, with one Twitter user posing the question to the social media service, hoping there could be some sort of explanation for Maggie's youthful appearance. Whether they hoped to get an official answer or merely wanted to get the conversation going is unclear, but tagging the official Simpsons account clearly got the show's attention.

The account shared their opinion, but it's unclear if this is an official canonical answer or merely the person who was running the social media account at the time wanted to humor the user.

the simpsons maggie baby question twitter
(Photo: Twitter, TheSimpsons)

We haven't really seen the family demonstrate any actual witchcraft, so we shouldn't assume that the family discovered the secret to eternal youth. Given that not a single other character on the show has aged, that would mean that every character had also discovered the secret, making it more of a curse than a blessing.

The vague tweet wasn't enough for the original user, who pointed out that he had just as many questions as when he started.

the simpsons maggie baby question twitter answer
(Photo: Twitter, brianfink)

Strangely, a bevy of other Twitter users decided to get in on the conversation, some of them playing along with the joke and others appearing to genuinely be curious why an animated baby hadn't aged.

Throughout the series, we've seen very few changes to any of the characters, with another consistency being its attempts to poke fun at a variety of different targets. A filmmaker recently developed a documentary in which he hopes to shed light on a stereotype the series depicts that he hopes the minds behind the show will alter going forward.

In The Problem With Apu, comedian and filmmaker Hari Kondabolu explores the origins of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the stereotypical Indian immigrant character voiced by Hank Azaria. Given how few pop culture representations of people from South Asia exist, Kondabolu hopes that show's writers will re-consider the image they're presenting to viewers.

"It's already been 30 years and the impact has already been made," Kondabolu explained. "For me it's about getting more diverse roles. It's about writing rooms being more diverse, people actually sharing their own stories as opposed to other people sharing it for them first."


The Simpsons airs Sunday nights at 8:00 PM ET on Fox.

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