The Terror: Infamy Coming to Blu-ray and DVD in August

In the decade since AMC debuted The Walking Dead, the cable network has become a go-to source of [...]

In the decade since AMC debuted The Walking Dead, the cable network has become a go-to source of some of the most compelling and unsettling horror stories on the small screen, a trend which continued with last year's The Terror: Infamy. While the first season of the series depicted the horrors of a vessel becoming frozen in the Arctic and subjecting sailors to the elements, the second season didn't have any narrative connection to its predecessor and shifted its narrative to the Japanese-American internment camps of the 1940s, an already disturbing location, made all the more horrific with supernatural spirits. The Terror: Infamy is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on August 18th.

In the second season of the series, World War II-era Japanese-Americans on Southern California's Terminal Island are menaced by a "bakemono," or, folkloric specter. Suffering forced evictions and imprisonment after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Terminal Islanders are hounded by prejudice and injustice, as well as bad omens and bizarre deaths. One of them, Chester Nakayama, decides to take on the malevolent entity, journeying to realms of evil in both the present…and the distant past.

The series stars Derek Mio as Chester Nakayama; Kiki Sukezane (Lost in Space) as Yuko, a mysterious woman from Chester's past; Cristina Rodlo (Miss Bala) as Luz, Chester's secret girlfriend; Shingo Usami (Unbroken) as Henry Nakayama, Chester's father; Naoko Mori (Everest) as Asako Nakayama, Chester's mother; Miki Ishikawa (9-1-1) as Amy, a Nakayama family friend; and renowned actor, producer, author and activist George Takei (Star Trek) as Yamato-san, a community elder and former fishing captain.

the terror infamy season 2 blu ray cover
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While the two seasons don't tie into one another from a narrative perspective, they are both period pieces, which looks to be the overarching theme for the series. Luckily, it was confirmed earlier this year that a third season of the series would be moving forward.

"I love the concept of historical and horror. Horror is such a brilliant metaphorical way to talk about being human and the jagged emotions we feel, it's wonderful," AMC chief Sarah Barnett previously shared with Deadline. "So, setting it in such a heightened and particular historical moment that has great stakes, such as internment camps or the north west passage, is really interesting. I'm curious how we can [continue] that franchise and look at what works. We don't just want to keep doing the same thing, what would a season three look like."

Grab The Terror: Infamy on Blu-ray and DVD on August 18th.

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