TWD: World Beyond Gives Jadis New Name She Stole From The Walking Dead

Warning: this story contains spoilers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Episode 5, "Quatervois." "We take. We don't bother," says the leader of the Scavengers introducing herself as Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) on The Walking Dead. "Jadis" takes another name — Anne, supposedly her real one — when assimilating into Alexandria and joining Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of survivors on Season 9 of the flagship series. But six years later, Jadis is back with a new look, a new mission, and a new name on spin-off World Beyond. And it's one we've heard before.

In "Quatervois," Jadis crosses over into World Beyond when she shows up at the Civic Republic Research Facility where Dr. Lyla Belshaw (Natalie Gold) conducts empties experiments for Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Kublek (Julia Ormond) of the Civic Republic Military. Except Kublek is called away to the CR indefinitely, leaving Jadis in charge of operations just as Staff Sargeant Jennifer "Huck" Mallick (Annet Mahendru) uncovers a massive conspiracy and the CRM's master plan.

The preview for Season 2 Episode 6, "Who Are You?," asks and answers who Jadis/Anne is now: Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes

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The name comes from Anne's romantic relationship with Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam) on Season 9 of The Walking Dead. A bond between them forms when Anne joins Rick's people at Alexandria, among the communities struggling to unite in peace after Rick captures Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to end the Savior War without bloodshed. 

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Most are suspicious of Anne, who double-crossed Rick during his war with Negan as leader of the junkyard-dwelling Scavengers, except Gabriel. "You can ask me about my past," she tells him at one point. "Just don't ask me to tell you my secrets." 

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When Saviors start to go missing and one turns up dead, Anne is accused and suspected of getting revenge for Simon's (Steven Ogg) slaughter of the Scavengers in Season 8. Anne attempts to run away to the Civic Republic with Gabriel but leaves him behind when he threatens to tell Rick about her trading people for supplies.

Anne does disappear, but not the way she planned: Rick is her ticket to the CR. When she saves Rick after his apparent death in a bridge explosion, she convinces a CRM helicopter to fly her somewhere far with the wounded and now missing Rick Grimes. 

Rick and Jadis are set to return in the Walking Dead Movie planned for release in theaters. "Who Are You?" is streaming now on AMC+ and premieres Sunday, November 7, on AMC. 

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