The World According to Jeff Goldblum Review: A Show That Proves We Can Never Have Too Much Goldblum

In a matter of days, Disney+ will be released to the masses and with it, the entire Disney vault will be on display for just about $6 per month. While most fans will be waiting for massive hits like Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Marvel Studios' new stable of shows to drop, the brand new direct-to-consumer service will be chock-full of other exciting original shows. One of those shows is The World According to Jeff Goldblum, the House of Mouse's take on an unscripted travel show that's nothing short of delightful. A walking pop culture icon, the series follows Goldblum as he takes on a new topic each week ranging from sneakers to tattoos, ice cream, and beyond. Though it probably shouldn't be categorized as a travel show, it's hard to not draw comparisons to something like Parts Unknown or Bizarre Foods.

Giving Goldblum an unscripted series is nothing short of a brilliant decision, something confirmed even five minutes into the show's first episode. With his eccentric ways, the actor has the uncanny ability to turn mundane topics into exhilarating television. I don't consider myself a "sneakerhead" by any stretch of the imagination yet here I am, entirely engrossed in the topic, something that changes from week to week. Then there are episodes featuring ice cream, tattoos, and, believe it or not, denim, just to name a few. No matter how mundane it might be to the unfamiliar, Goldblum manages to make each topic as exciting as the last.

The one thing that quickly stands out is his ability to converse with an interview with the various guests on his show. Being the victim of press lines and junkets for his entire career, Goldblum flips the tables and essentially becomes a journalist in his own right. While he isn't reporting on any breaking news or revealing some major scoop, Goldblum still does a tremendous job interacting with the guests on the show, setting the scene for a few standout guests in their own right. Maybe it's the way he talks or his approachability, but with each guest on the show, there's an instant camaraderie that makes it feel as if Goldblum's been friends with everyone for decades, resulting in plenty of familial vibes, perfect for the new Disney offering.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum is nothing short of incredible. The title host shines with every opportunity he's given and always manages to make the best out of the guests he comes across in his travels. The show's inclusion as a first-day offering on Disney+ proves the Mouse is dedicated to providing a diversified slate with its proprietary streaming platform instead of stuffing it full of capes and lightsabers. Whether you're looking for something fresh and exciting or to clean your palette after a days-long binge, this show will be waiting for you with an enormous smile and wide-open arms, only as Goldblum would.


Rating: 5 out of 5

The World According to Jeff Goldblum debuts on Disney+ November 12th. The remaining 11 episodes will be released every Friday, starting on November 15th.