'Timeless' Stars Offer Hope That The Series Could Return

With a two-hour, holiday-themed series finale hitting the airwaves tonight, the cast of Timeless [...]

With a two-hour, holiday-themed series finale hitting the airwaves tonight, the cast of Timeless are not fully convinced that they will not time-travel back into these roles at some point in the -- ahem -- future.

During a recent set visit, members of the Timeless cast told Entertainment Tonight that they could see the show continuing to come back in some form or another, if fan enthusiasm remains high.

"Everything just feels like a bonus. What's interesting is it's satisfying and unsatisfying, as all good endings should be because you want more, but satisfying because we address some of the open storylines," Abigail Spencer told ET. "It's really the highlights of what would've gone on a few more seasons in and trying to put that all into a two-hour movie. A lot has gotten more wrapped up. If we had gotten a season three, I think we probably would've spent a season exploring the Lucy and Wyatt that you met at the end of season two."

The show was cancelled after its first season, then revived after fan outcry on social media convinced NBC and their production partner Sony Pictures Television that there was an audience for it. It was later cancelled again after season 2.

Matt Lanter particularly named fan enthusiasm as sa reason for a potential return, with Spencer saying that "nothing is off the table."

"It doesn't feel like an end, because fan passion is so high and it's never been higher," Lanter said. "If it airs and people show up and watch it live, that's the most important thing. If anyone wants to give Timeless any sort of a chance after this movie, they have to watch it live. If people really show up, our chances increase dramatically. Obviously, all the actors have to be free but who knows? I'm sure we can figure that out."

Timeless starred Lanter, Spencer, and Malcolm Barrett as a trio of time travelers trying to stop a criminal who stole another time travel vehicle from destroying America as we know it. In the season two finale, Barrett's Rufus was killed. Just before the episode ended, future versions of Spencer and Lanter's characters showed up to ask their present selves if they wanted to save their friend.

The rest of the cast included Goran Visnjic, Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey and Claudia Doumit. Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke created the series.

Although Timeless has a die-hard group of fans, the series only averaged 4.2 million viewers and a 1.0 18-49 rating during its second season. While that sounds like solid numbers for most channels, a show on ABC, NBC, or CBS generally wants more than that.

Fans had hoped the show would stay alive, especially since NBC took weeks to cancel it, and even hired an airplane to drag a "renew Timeless" banner across the sky.

Timeless returns -- for the last time? -- tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.