David Lynch Addresses Rumors of Twin Peaks Season 4

Back in 2017, David Lynch pulled off a seemingly impossible task by delivering Twin Peaks fans a third season of the series that not only lived up to the success of its original seasons, but some considered it to even surpass them, though the filmmaker claims that any rumors about a possible Season Four are nothing more than unsubstantiated talks. Despite Lynch seemingly dashing hopes of a fourth season of the series, he did express his excitement about the world of cable television and the opportunities it affords him, so it's possible that we could be seeing an all-new series from him at some point in the future.

"All these rumors are flying about, but I can tell you that there's nothing happening in that regard," Lynch shared with The Hollywood Reporter when vaguely addressing Twin Peaks. "It's a rumor that even if it was true — there's nothing happening."

Between Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, and Mulholland Drive, Lynch has a number of seminal films to his name, though he pointed out that, in a dream world, he sees himself much more interested in telling stories on TV than on the big screen.

"Right now, feature films in my book are in big trouble, except for the big blockbusters," the filmmaker explained. "The art house films, they don't stand a chance. They might go to a theater for a week and if it's a Cineplex they go to the smallest theater in the setup, and then they go to Blu-ray or On Demand. The big-screen experience right now is gone. Gone, but not forgotten."

When asked about whether he has ruled out feature filmmaking entirely, Lynch confessed, "No, you never say no to anything, really. But I really love a continuing story, and cable television I say is the new art house. You have total freedom. The sound isn't as good as a great theater; the picture isn't as big — but TVs are getting bigger and bigger and better and better, so there's hope. And then you have this chance for a continuing story, so it's the new art house, I say."

Along the lines of never saying no to anything, Lynch shared back in 2017 that he would "never say never" to developing a fourth season of Twin Peaks, so while new episodes of the series would seem highly unlikely, it's difficult to rule out the notion entirely.

Stay tuned for details on the possible future of Twin Peaks.


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