WandaVision Reveals Agatha Harkness's MCU Origin

WandaVision has revealed Agatha Harkness’s MCU origin. Last week brought the reveal of Kathryn Hahn’s true identity as the one pulling some of the strings in Westview. “Previously On” opens with a bunch of robed figures walking through the woods in Salem, Massachusetts circa the 17th century. Agatha is being led to trial by her coven of witches. When her mother Evanora accuses her of dabbling in dark magic, the younger witch begs for mercy. However, those acting chops she’s been flexing all season long come to bear as she snarled at the coven about how it was her right to practice dark magic. That admission leads the older witch to try and kill her daughter. All of the collected magic from the coven is trained on Agatha as blue light shoots painfully into her chest.

Unfortunately for the coven, the dark witch’s powers allow her to absorb magic and life force. So, she quickly takes down the other members of the group before eyeing a one-on-one matchup with Evanora. The elder witch manifests a headdress and tries to blast Agatha one last time before being overwhelmed. With the coven defeated, our antagonist walks over to her mother’s lifeless body and takes the broach viewers saw her wearing earlier in the series. So, it would seem that Agatha has been walking among the non-magical world until that time. When she discovered the Hex, she poked her head in to see how Wanda was causing all of this with little to no effort.

wandavision agatha
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

When it comes to the previous sitcom shenanigans, Hahn told Comicbook.com that she couldn’t believe the density of this setup.

"I think even just the setup alone, taking something that is so comfortable and so familiar and so deep in our psyche as a traditional sitcom where you like... I know for me at least, there is something about the format of the setup, the misunderstanding the resolution, every single time, you know that you're gonna end in this comfortable place of just like, 'Ha!' with the laugh over it and just knowing that," Hahn told Brandon Davis. "So, even on just that level, knowing and feeling that that is, of course not all there is that there is something else happening underneath the comfort and safety of that trope. That tension is really, really, really interesting to me."

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