WandaVision Episode 6 Explains Monica Rambeau's Superhero Origin

Monica Rambeau was first introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the feature-length film of Captain Marvel, appearing at first as a child with her mother being a friend of Carol Danvers back in the 90s, and now, it seems that Wandavision has unveiled just how "Photon" might be getting her powers. With Monica inadvertently falling into Wanda's "Hex", her DNA has been rewritten which offers the perfect opportunity to give her the comic book abilities of this superhero that fans have been waiting to see since she first appeared in the movie universe.

In the latest episode, Wanda continues to push the boundaries as she and her family experience a 1990s sitcom in Westview, with the Vision attempting to figure out just what is going on. Monica is shown outside of the "Hex" as herself, Jimmy Woo, and Darcy attempt to figure out the best way to help the Scarlet Witch which causes Rambeau to discover a horrifying fact. As Darcy explains, since Monica has already been exposed to the Hex twice, her "cells have been rewritten twice" which is apparently changing her permanently and giving her the perfect opportunity to give her the powers that made her a hero in the Marvel Comics.

Wandavision Monica Rambeau
(Photo: Disney)

In the comics, Monica first appeared in an issue of Amazing Spider-Man in 1982, gaining her powers via energy created by a powerful weapon and starting her career as the new Captain Marvel. Though the name would eventually be given back to Carol Danvers in the comics, Rambeau remained a superhero and took on new crime-fighting identities such as Spectrum and Photon, with the latter most likely being the moniker that she will take in the Marvel Cinematic Universe considering that the films have established Photon as her mother's nickname.

Though we aren't sure whether Monica will exhibit superpowers before the end of Wandavision, there will be plenty of future opportunities for Rambeau to do so in the MCU as properties like Captain Marvel 2 and Ms. Marvel are on the horizon. Even following the destruction of the Infinity Stones, it seems like their effects continue to reverberate through the MCU, as they were responsible for Wanda and Carol's powers.


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