WandaVision Episode 6 Reveals SWORD's True Mission

The last couple of episodes have revealed some interesting details about WandaVision that weren't immediately clear from the beginning of the show. Episode 5 brought the reveal that before the events of the series began Wanda retrieved Vision's body from a top secret location, taking the pieces with her to where the pair now live in "West View." Last week's episode though made things even more clear as we head into the final stretch, just why SWORD is so interested in the Hex and Wanda's exploits anyway, they want Vision's body back, however the biggest question remains.... but why?

The episode sees Dracy, Jimmy, and Monica all banished out of the camp by SWORD's acting director, Tyler Hayward. After they find their way back in they realize a few things about what's going on inside the Hex, namely that Hayward is both tracking Vision (by means of "tracking the decay signature of Vibranium") and has an actual accurate head count of the persons inside and a sense of their well being. As the episode continues, Vision himself lets his curiosity get the better of him and walks through the boundaries of the hex and exits it.

After Vision walks through the border and Hayward himself watches him exit, noting "He really does want out, doesn't he?," his body begins to rapidly decay. It's still unclear how Vision is alive, but even as he appears to be dying he begs for them to help the people on the inside. It's clear that that's now their priority though as they watch Vision continues to wither away.

The mystery continues to unravel in the series though, but with just three episodes left in WandaVision we're getting closer to finding out the answer to multiple questions that linger. Not only "Why does SWORD want Vision's body?" but also "How is Vision still alive?," "Is Monica about to get her own super powers?," "Who is the mysterious 'Aerospace Engineer' that she's meeting with?" and "Why did Evan Peters' version of Quicksilver appear?" Let us know what you think the answer is to all these in the comments below!


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