WandaVision: Scarlet Witch Takes Center Stage in Chilling Fan Art

No one knows exactly what's going on with WandaVision after the Marvel show's first two episodes, but that's kind of the point. Something is a little off about Westview, and not even the Scarlet Witch herself can figure out exactly what's going on beneath the surface. That said, given the ties that some of these strange happenings have to Wanda's history, and the fact that her powers involve altering aspects of the mind and our reality, many are theorizing that Scarlet Witch is involved in the entire situation somehow.

This new reality may be one that Wanda has consciously created, or it could be something that has been thrust upon her without her knowing. Either way, Wanda's powers have to be connected to Westview in some form or fashion, and a new piece of fan art aims to bring that idea to the forefront. Take a look!

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The art, which comes from abgrafix on Instagram, shows Scarlet Witch holding the black-and-white reality of WandaVision in her hands, ruling over the entire situation. This would make the show more like the House of M comics than some initially believed.

According to star Elizabeth Olsen, WandaVision is offering her a way to open up the Wanda character in ways she wasn't able to do in previous projects.

“It completely broke her whole life and experience open for me,” Olsen told ScreenRant. “I think I was always focused on the puzzle piece that I would fulfill in Avengers, and how it's serving our storyline. And this kind of opened up a whole new door for me with her.”


“I feel like I have such ownership, and I feel like I can take her into any situation now. It's really fun to always try and surprise myself with her now,” Olsen continued. “I feel like I have a lot more skills with her. I don't know, there's something that completely opened it all up for me again. It's such a gift as an actor when you're playing the same character.”

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