WandaVision Theory: Have The Infinity Stones Returned to the MCU?

Is WandaVision secretly leading to the reveal that the Infinity Stones are somehow, someway, once again at in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It's a timely question, as WandaVision episode 5 has left Marvel (and X-Men) fans with a ton of big questions that are in serious need of answers. (Spoilers) Obviously the question of who Evan Peters' Quicksilver really is needs answering, but WandaVision is also dropping more and more hints that the Infinity Stones are directly related to the strange events of the show. Thanos supposedly destroyed the Infinity Stones in the modern-day MCU timeline; however, their power still lingers in key ways that WandaVision seems to be concerned with.

Episodes 4 & 5 of WandaVision have made renewed reference to the fact that Wanda's power is the result of the Mind Infinity Stone. We've also been reminded through both words (a SWORD briefing) and actions (Wanda confronting SWORD agents) that Wanda Maximoff is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Jimmy Woo, Monica Rambeau, and Darcy Lewis openly theorize that Wanda was more powerful than even Thanos, without his Infinity Gauntlet. Only one other character is put in that same league of power: Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, the other key hero that was powered by an Infinity Stone. WandaVision also reveals that SWORD was dismantling and studying Vision's body, presumably to learn what the advanced technology of the Mind Stone was all about, and how it could be applied to Earth's technology. That's a lot of pointed reminders that the power of the Infinity Stones is still active all over the MCU - even if the stones themselves are not.

So what do these hints mean?

WandaVision Inifnity Stones Connections Commercials Powers

Well, WandaVision is our first true advancement of the MCU timeline following Avengers: Endgame (Spider-Man: Far From Home only offered a limited look). As such, the status of the Infinity Stones - and more importantly, the cosmic shift in power since their disappearance - has yet to be fully revealed. If the stones are gone, then harnessing the powers of the people left imprinted by the stones would be the next best thing.

These character references aren't the only way the Infinity Stones are factoring into WandaVision. As we recently broke down, each of WandaVision's fake commercial ad breaks seems to serve a dual purpose:

  1. To serve as a metaphor for the traumatic experiences in Wanda's life.
  2. The commercials also refer to the powers of each Infinity Stone.

The first commercial for the Stark smart toaster that perfectly cooked each slice of toast represents the living computer that is the Mind Stone. Episode two's Strucker Watches commercial is the Time Stone; the HYDRA Soak bath bar that mentally "transports" a housewife to paradise is the Space Stone, and the latest commercial for Lagos paper towels featured a spilled red liquid and themes of fixing a painful reality that speaks to the Reality Stone.

WandaVision now has four episodes left to introduce two more stones: the Soul Stone and Power Stone. If this WandaVision theory plays out, and the lingering power of the Infinity Stones is being sought out, the big questions are who wants them, and what do they want them for? As Marvel Comics has shown us, there are many different forms these primordial cosmic powers can take...

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