WandaVision: Agnes' Rabbit Senor Scratchy Could Actually Be a Key Marvel Character

From the earliest episodes of WandaVision, Marvel fans watching the series theorized that [...]

From the earliest episodes of WandaVision, Marvel fans watching the series theorized that something was off about Kathryn Hahn's nosy neighbor, Agnes. There always seemed to be something strange about her, especially after her photo on the SWORD casting board was missing an actual ID. While all eyes were on Agnes and her potential secret identity, her beloved pet rabbit seemed to be ignored by most fans watching the series. Señor Scratchy, who lent a hand to Wanda and Vision in the magic show, is a seemingly innocent bunny, but it now appears that something much more sinister is hiding beneath all that fur.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of WandaVision! Continue reading at your own risk...

In the seventh episode of WandaVision, Agnes is revealed to be none other than Agatha Harkness, a witch from the pages of Marvel Comics that has often served as Wanda's mentor. It's been Agatha pulling the strings behind the Hex, and she seems to be the villain behind the whole series. This reveal also puts the identity of Señor Scratchy into a much more devastating context.

As you may already know, "Mister Scratch" is a fairly common pseudonym for the devil. This has caused some speculation that Mephisto is involved with the Hex somehow, which makes a lot more sense after the big Agatha reveal. Even her basement looks like a gateway to hell.

While the rabbit could potentially be tied to Mephisto, there is actually another character that makes even more sense based on what we know now. In the comics, Agatha Harkness had a son who worked with both Mephisto and Dormammu, and has the ability to possess other people's bodies. He took over an entire town of wizards and warlocks and tried to pit them against his mother and a bunch of superheroes.

That man's name is Nicholas Scratch.

Agatha and Nicholas were at odds quite often, especially when he was working with Mephisto. Trapping him inside the body of a rabbit could simply be a way of containing him. Perhaps this version of Agatha is trying to free her son and bring him back to life. There's really no telling, but the name of the pet certainly isn't an accident.

To take things another step further, both Agatha and Nicholas had several run-ins with the Fantastic Four, with the latter becoming an adversary to the beloved team on multiple occasions. Most fans are already preparing to see Reed Richards on WandaVision, so this will likely add even more fuel to those fires.

Then again, there's a chance the name of the rabbit could just be a clever Easter egg and we're all thinking way too much about it.