WandaVision Star Kathryn Hahn Confirms Return for Reshoots

Hollywood productions are quickly getting back to work and the properties from Marvel Studios once [...]

Hollywood productions are quickly getting back to work and the properties from Marvel Studios once shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic will soon kickstart photography once again. During one recent press stop for two of her latest projects — I Know This Much Is True and Apple TV+'s Central Park — actor Kathryn Hahn revealed she'll soon be returning for reshoots on WandaVision. The series, starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Scarlet Witch and Vision, respectively, had previously held a wrap party for its cast and crew immediately prior to shutting down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in March.

"I've got a little bit left on WandaVision, but who knows, who knows..." Hahn says on the latest episode of The Playlist's Deep Focus podcast. "It is another surreal, awesome swing into another genre, but it's been so fun. I wish I could tell you a thing about it but I can't or else I'd just disappear from this Zoom box."

Though stopping short of revealing even the slightest detail, the comedian makes sure to point out something we've all heard before — it's going to be a good series. "It's gonna be fabulous," she adds. "I can't say anything else!"

The intensity is something we've heard about time and time again — in the cast of Bettany, he previously called the show "f-cking bonkers" and applauded Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige for going out on the limb with the mind-bending series, produced explicitly for Disney+.

"Yes, I'm back for WandaVision... I am such an admirer of Kevin Feige, he has taken such a risk with the show, and the concept of this show. It's beautifully written by and her staff of writers - and it is f*cking bonkers," the actor said in January. "I mean it's so out there and nuts, the choices that they are making. And fans will not have to wait that much longer... they'll much more of an insight, very, very, soon as to what it may look and feel like."

WandaVision is currently set for release this December. Other upcoming Disney+ shows from Marvel Studios include The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in August 2020, Loki in spring 2021, What If? In summer 2021, and Hawkeye in fall 2021. Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk have yet to receive release dates.

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