'Westworld' Creators Explain That Creepy Faceless Host From the Trailer

While the first season of Westworld made fans think, it looks like the second season will seriously creep you out.

HBO debuted the teaser trailer for Westworld Season 2 during this year's Super Bowl. Fans quickly began freaking out about one scene in particular, in which a frightening robot with no face appeared behind Bernard. Ever since seeing that trailer, the question on everyone's mind has been, "What was that thing?!"

After almost a month of uncertainty, Westworld co-creator and showrunner Jonathan Nolan has revealed exactly what the creepy host is, and that there are actually more than one of them.

While speaking to EW, Nolan said that there is more to these "drone hosts" than meets the eye.

“The drone hosts relate to the corporation’s secret project which is hidden in plain sight in this park,” Nolan revealed. “As we talked about in the pilot, the park is one thing for the guests, and it’s another thing for its shareholders and management — something completely different. We’ve used the Google analogy — for consumers, it’s for search and email, yet for the company, it’s for advertising. There is an agenda here that Delos has undertaken for a very long time. As Bernard is making his way through the wreckage of the fallout from the first season, he’s discovering things about the park that even he doesn’t know and coming upon creatures like the drone host.”

westworld season 2 unfinished host
(Photo: HBO)

So, in addition to the rogue hosts that are taking over the park, Westworld contains an even more dangerous force lurking in the shadows.


The thing to wonder about these drone hosts is what side of the war they end up on. You would think that these hosts would align with the others during the uprising, but that may not be the case. Remember, these things are a part of a secret project, so it's unlikely that they are attached to the same network as the other hosts. This could be Delos' way of fighting back against the hosts when they rebel.

Westworld Season 2 premieres on April 22 at 9pm ET on HBO.