HBO Building Actual 'Westworld' Town in Texas

If you've dreamed of a trip to Westworld, you're finally getting your chance next month.Ahead of [...]

If you've dreamed of a trip to Westworld, you're finally getting your chance next month.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated second season of Westworld, HBO has announced plans to let fans get in on the action. The premium network will be building an actual town, similar to Westworld's Sweetwater, outside of Austin, Texas for three days in March.

HBO has rented two acres of land outside Austin to build this "theme park" during this year's South by Southwest festival. The experience is called "Live Without Limits Weekend" and it will give fans a chance to experience the popular locations and attractions seen on the Westworld series. Places like The Coronado hotel and the Mariposa Saloon will be included in the town.

The experience begins when a "Delos Shuttle" picks fans up in Austin and assigns them either a black or white hat. Folks will then be taken to the town where they can interact with the park's "hosts." Of course, unlike the real Westworld on the show, you can't kill the hosts at will, nor will they have sex with you. You can, however, try different food and drinks inspired by the series, hang out with horses, and follow various clues that unlock the mysteries of Westworld.

HBO announced the experience with a video, which you can watch above, that teases the experience as having "No guidebook, no orientation, no regrets." The entire "Live Without Limits" weekend is set to run March 9-11.

If you're a badge holder for this year's SXSW event, you can reserve your spot at the Westworld experience now by visiting, but space is limited. There will be a few additional spots available to be claimed once SXSW begins.

The second season of Westworld is set to air on April 22 at 9pm ET on HBO.