Wheel of Fortune Contestant Breaks Silence on Pat Sajak Putting Him in a Headlock

Wheel Of Fortune crossed over wit the world of wrestling this week and one contestant had to come to the defense of Pat Sajak. Fred Jackson was the player in question, and he got put into.a headlock by the beloved game show host. A couple of fans on social media only caught the clip out of context. As a result, they felt like the Wheel of Fortune host had stepped out of line. But, Jackson spoke to TMZ about his experience on the show and seems absolutely thrilled about the viral moment. Having Pat Sajak put you into a headlock on national television is quite the story to tell people. So, it makes sense that he wants some of the people vocal on social media to calm down.

"As a pro wrestler and as a guy of showbiz — and as the guy that he was putting in the hold — I loved that moment. L-O-V-E in capital letters," Jackson said. "That was one of the biggest highlights of the show. So for me personally to see, from my perspective, see the criticizing he gets online is a little unfair. I was the one who was put in the hold, and I was perfectly OK with it, in fact, I loved it."

He continued, "So I don't think they should get any more upset than I'm getting, because I was the one who was, like, 'affected' in that kind of way. If it's not your sense of humor, I can understand that, like everybody's sense of humor is different. But to call it 'cringe' and to call for his retirement is, like, taking it a little bit too seriously, I think."

Will Pat Sajak Be Fired From Wheel of Fortune?

In a word, no. Pat Sajak isn't going anywhere for the time being and Wheel of Fortune just got a massive renewal from the network. In fact, Jeopardy! is also getting a bunch of new episodes in the coming years as well. Over the last decade or so, programs that you can just depend on being a part of your daily routine have dwindled more than ever. 

"Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! are the crown jewels of syndication, drawing larger audiences than almost every prime-time broadcast show," Steve LoCascio, President of CBS Media Ventures wrote in a press release. "This new deal is a testament to the power of these shows and the power of broadcast television. Viewers and advertisers alike love these shows, and we are excited that this deal continues the legacy of these brands for years to come."

"We are thrilled to extend our long-running relationship with Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune," continued Debra O'Connell, president, Disney Networks. "These beloved shows are national treasures that we are proud to bring into the top local markets in the country along with ABC's award-winning, market-leading news and entertainment programming."

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