Wild Life's John Reynolds Talks Glenn's Primal Nature, Marny, Frasier Crossover, and More

SYFY's Wild Life has been a delight, showcasing what happens when animals who live in a Zoo attempt to live their lives in a post-apocalyptic landscape. The answer is hilarious chaos it turns out, and anchoring the cast of eccentric characters is Glenn, a cheetah who is actually attempting to live out his life as a pacifist as he tries to woo his friend Marny, though survival keeps getting in the way of both those goals. ComicBook.com had a chance to speak to Glenn actor John Reynolds ahead of the big season finale (which you can get an exclusive look at in the video above), and we kicked things off by finding out what he loves most about what the show brings to the table.

"I guess what I like the most about the show besides my character has got to be the cast. I'm a huge fan of Claudia O'Doherty who plays Marny, the dolphin that I'm in love with," Reynolds said. "I've seen Natalie Palamides' shows before and she's so funny, and I've seen Reggie and seen Baron and Skittlez. I think I've just seen all the cast. I think that was a big draw when they said, 'Oh, these are the voices.' It's like, 'Oh, then it'll be a super funny show.' And then obviously I love the lo-fi aspects of the animation and the sound, and I love the color palettes. I don't know, it's been really cool and I'm so excited to see all the episodes roll out."

A theme of Glenn's throughout the season has been the balance of his pacifist ideals and his primal nature, and while he feels he's quite refined, things get crazy quick when the primal nature takes over.

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"Yeah, I think that's always the push and pull with Glenn, right? He romanticizes everything in his life including his social habits and his art tastes and things like that, so I think he wants to be more of a refined individual but he's a cheetah and he always has that primal urge," Reynolds said. "I think that push and pull and that tension is what's really fun to play. So one moment I'm acting like I'm being a good boy and having some tea and then the next just absolutely screaming and growling and howling. It was fun but also crazy, because with COVID and everything we've been recording in our houses and I feel like I'm a psychopath, screaming and making these noises in my closet."

The pandemic has necessitated everyone recording their dialogue remotely, though Reynolds has taken advantage of the extra freedom that comes with not recording in front of a group of people in a studio.

"When you're in the booth there are people watching you and stuff and there's still this element of performing, but when you're doing it off your computer in your own closet I like to turn off the video and then no one's watching me so it allows me to release my inhibitions a little bit more and get a little bit crazier," Reynolds said. "That was actually a fun aspect of it, doing it this way."

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Gleen is often preoccupied with trying to talk to Marny, a dolphin who he adores but also always gets nervous around. "Yeah, the evolution is pretty much Glenn is just a hopeless romantic who's pining after her from start to finish and Marny's going about her life and being true herself, and Glenn is just overcompensating and trying to hold it together," Reynolds said.

When Glenn isn't talking to Marny, he can often be found hanging out with Darby, an always chill koala who tries to bring out the cheetah aspects of Glenn when he can.

"Yeah, I think Darby's just Mr. Cool and he's down for adventure, and I think he pushes Glenn to just step outside of his skin a little bit and pushes him to go primal a little bit more," Reynolds said. "I think people are less in tune to the fact that Glenn is an extremely sensitive individual who's trying to change himself for the better, but I think all the other characters just want him to be Glenn."

Glenn gets to interact quite a bit with Darby and Marny, but if a season 2 happens, there is another character he would love to see Glenn bounce off more.

"I'm not sure that I didn't get a lot of chance to interact with but obviously it's very fun when my character bounces off of Debbie, Skittlez' character, because I think Skittlez' character is just the most confident and easygoing and out there, and Glenn is so tightly wound so I think that juxtaposition is always fun to play," Reynolds said. "Someone who's going to irk Glenn and someone who's going to push the boundaries a lot. I think that tension is always a blast."

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We then asked if Glenn could be inserted into any other show, what would it be and why, and we think this pairing is a perfect match.

"That's a good one. I guess I would put Glenn into Frasier. So that he can really smell his own brand and have a good time with Frasier, and learn from him and just enjoy a pretentious conversation in Seattle," Reynolds said.


Seriously, get that pairing off the ground ASAP please!

While we have to wait for season 2 and that Glenn Frasier pairing, you can watch the season 1 finale of Wild Life tonight on SYFY at midnightish, and let us know what you love about the show most in the comments!