'Wynonna Earp' Showrunner Teases Upcoming Christmas Episode

It may be summer, and Wynonna Earp's third season may not premiere until Friday, but fans are already thinking ahead to the series' Christmas episode and, according to showrunner Emily Andras, it may be the best one yet.

Andras recently told TV Line that, while the episode will air long before Christmas, it's going to be traditional in very Earp style.

"[This year's Christmas episode] is definitely one of my favorite episodes we've ever done," Andras said. "Even if it's due to air sometime in August! As expected, an Earp Christmas is anything but traditional -- the only thing you can count on is heavily rummed-up eggnog, and an anything-but-festive demon. Still, what better time than the holidays to speak the truth and ask for what you really want, whether it's a chance to play Santa or a passionate kiss under the mistletoe?"

As for who's kissing under the mistletoe, no doubt fans will be rooting for the fan-favorite WayHaught relationship -- Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Officer Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell.) In season three, that relationship is in a more established place than it's previously been in the series and it's something that Andras has previously said the pair will still have chemistry.

"WayHaught are about a year into their adorable courtship, so the honeymoon period is over -- though lord knows their chemistry isn't" Andras said. "They're at a very genuine, honest, trusting place with one another, but they also feel more 'real'. They'll need each other more than ever this season as Waverly circles ever closer to the identity of her real father -- and Nicole's disturbing past becomes present."

Waverly and Nicole have been the most consistent relationship on the series and, as Andras noted, have become the romance fans talk about, with #Wayhaught often getting as much mileage on social media as the show's official hashtag during the show's airtime.

"Dom and Kat really deserve all the credit in the world for the humanity and complexity and strength that they have given those characters and that romance, and I'm confident in saying we're just getting started in terms of seeing what they can do," Andras said.


Wynonna Earp season three will debut on July 20 on SYFY.