You Can Buy Every Issue of 'Deadly Class' For Dirt Cheap, And the Money Goes to Charity

With less than a week to go before Deadly Class airs its first episode on SYFY, series co-creator Rick Remender has teamed up with Humble Bundle to give fans a cheap, easy way to legally binge the entire comic book series up to this point.

For $15, fans can own the entire Deadly Class library -- all thirty-five issues published so far. For as little as $1, fans can name their price to own the first two collected editions (as well as digital singles of the issues contained therein). For $8 or more, that increases to four volumes of the collected editions or 21 single issues of comics.

As always with Humble Bundle, fans can buy the books -- check out the page here -- and choose how much of the money goes to the publisher and how much to the charity they are supporting -- in this case the Mental Health Foundation.

Mental health is a pervasive theme in Deadly Class: Marcus, the series' lead character, is introduced to readers in the first issue and declares that his life was ruined because U.S. President Ronald Reagan (the series takes place in the '80s) had defunded mental health facilities, forcing mentally-ill people out into the streets. One such person committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge...and landed on Marcus's parents.

This is also not the only Deadly Class-themed charity giveaway out there right now: Siobhan Williams, who plays brandy on the TV adaptation, is currently offering fans a chance to get Deadly Class comics signed by the cast, swag, and personalized messages from the actors if they donate to VOKRA, an organization that helps find homes for stray, neglected, and abandoned cats. In exchange for contributions of $10 and up, fans will be entered in a raffle to win autographed photos, video messages, and one of twenty-five Deadly Class comics signed by the whole cast.


You can contribute here -- and read directions on how to make sure you get entered in the drawing. For more details on the VOKRA fundraiser, check out our conversation with Williams here.

Deadly Class #36, by Remeder, artist Wes Craig, colorist Lee Loughridge, and letterer Rus Wooton, will be available in stores and online next Wednesday -- the same day that SYFY will premiere the series. You can watch the pilot on YouTube or the SYFY website right now.