Dave Bautista Cracks Epic Rick Flair Joke, Teases Triple H Match at WWE SmackDown 1000

Dave Bautista has been away from WWE for four years. And when Evolution got their moment on SmackDown 1000, Bautista made it clear that not only does he miss the wrestling world, but could stick around for one more go.

Bautista spoke last during the Evolution talking circle but easily had to best turn on the mic. The six-time WWE Champion seemed to have a real moment of anxiety during his dialogue but bounced back when Ric Flair extended his fist for a bump. Bautista missed the cue, making for an awkward moment where they tried for another embrace. But instead of fist bumps, Bautista gave what will prove the be the quip of SmackDown 1000

"Keep that thing in your pants."

This came minutes after Flair, who is an icon of promiscuity, underlined that he has had 10,000 sexual partners in his lifetime. That lingered until Bautista swept it out with the joke of his life and the Washington D.C. crowd loved every second of it.


But Bautista wasn't there for laughs. After glowing about each member of Evolution, Bautista proclaimed that Triple H had done everything the business of professional wrestling offers. Except beat him.

Needless to say, it smells like a match may be coming. Bautista has referenced wanting to work a WrestleMania match with Triple H and Randy Orton, but based on SmackDown 1000, The Game vs. The Animal could be in the cards.