WATCH: WWE Airs Strange Teaser During Monday Night RAW

The WWE is teasing....something with a strange new vignette that aired on Monday Night RAW. Earlier this evening, the WWE aired a brief teaser featuring a buzzard puppet popping out of a box, followed by some vaguely sinister laughter. No context was given for the teaser, but many believe it to be related to Bray Wyatt, who has been away from television for months. After all, one of Wyatt's more famous sayings is to "Follow the Buzzards." You can see the creepy puppet below:


Wyatt hasn't wrestled on WWE television since July 2018 when he was part of a tag team with Matt Hardy. His last storyline involved Hardy "deleting" Wyatt at the Hardy Compound and then Wyatt coming to Hardy's aid as a face. The pair won the Raw Tag Team titles, but then lost them to the B-Team, which featured Wyatt's real life brother Bo Dallas. Wyatt made a brief return in December at the WWE's Starrcade event, but has mostly stayed out of the public eye outside of a few cryptic tweets and the reveal that he and WWE ring announcer Jojo were expecting a child.

When Wyatt does return, he'll likely have a brand new character. Not only did Bray ditch his dreadlocks during his hiatus, there are also persistent rumors that he'll have a brand new personality or gimmick. While Wyatt's creepy southern swamp cultist gimmick had its highlights, it seemed that he could never maintain any momentum even with the Wyatt Family at his back.