Becky Lynch Had a Wrestling Match with Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE fans have seen a number of dream matches over their lifetimes, but you probably never expected to see The Man Becky Lynch take on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Crazily enough that's exactly what happened, but it wasn't on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live for the world to see. Lynch revealed that this dream match happened behind closed doors, and the superstar shared a photo of the match on social well as the outcome.

Lynch took to Instagram and shared a black and white photo of the two superstars in the ring together, along with the caption "Over the weekend the Toughest SOB in WWE and Stone Cold had a closed-door match—and like Rocky and Apollo Creed the outcome of me winning will never be known."

Thanks to Lynch we do now know who won the match, and while we may never see the match since it was a private affair, the fact that it happened at all is still insanely cool.

Lynch recently had two matches at WWE's big Money in the Bank pay-per-view, where she defended both of her titles in the same night. First, she went up against Lacey Evans for the Raw Women's Championship and won, but she would then lose her second match for the SmackDown Women's Championship against Charlotte Flair, though that was due to interference from Evans.

Crazily enough Bayley would cash in her Money in the Bank contract after coming in to help Lynch after she was attacked by both Flair and Evans, and would pin Charlotte to win the SmackDown Women's Championship for herself.

As for Stone Cold, the WWE icon hasn't been in the ring for some time, though he's still a huge part of the business thanks to his Podcast, TV show, and every now and again appearances at big WWE events. Who knows, maybe this will become another holy grail match that fans can try and hunt down like they did the Tom Magee Bret Hart match, which recently finally came to light.


Since Money In The Bank Lynch has become a permanent superstar on Monday Night Raw, though with the wild card rule in effect, she could at some point end up on the other brand.

We recently got to speak to Becky Lynch all about SmackDown Live and Money in the Bank, and you can check out that full interview right here.