News On When Brock Lesnar's WWE Contract Expires

With Brock Lesnar currently carrying around the WWE Money In The Bank briefcase, the question remains as to when he will use it to cash-in on a championship opportunity.

As we have seen over the last couple of months, Lesnar teased the cash-in at WWE Super ShowDown, as well as on RAW more than once. In fact, there's one issue that could drive the timing of Lesnar's next championship bout: the expiration of his WWE contract.

When next year's Money In The Bank comes around, Lesnar will be near the timing of the expiration of his current deal. According to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lesnar's current WWE contract expires next year around May or June.

The longest anyone has ever held on to the Money In The Bank briefcase is Carmella, who held the contract for over nine months in 2017 and 2018. Edge held the briefcase for 280 days (2005-2006) and Seth Rollins for 273 days (2014-2015), rounding out the top three. Nobody has ever held it up to expiration, which would be the following year's Money In The Bank event or exactly 365 days after the contract was initially won.

While right now it would seem likely WWE keeps him around, he's certainly lost one of the avenues that he has used for leveraging power when it comes to earning top dollar: the prospect of a return to UFC. Though Lesnar could always change his mind, UFC President Dana White recently announced that Lesnar told him that his career in MMA is over.

If All Elite Wrestling proves to be a ratings and financial success in the next year, it's possible that Lesnar could use the prospect of a jump to that brand as leverage to continue to earn top dollar from WWE.

In the past, we've seen Lesnar tease a return to the UFC to help garner a better WWE deal. White recently said that Lesnar received a better contract offer from WWE versus what he would have earned with UFC, which is reportedly one of the reasons he chose to step away from the Octagon for good.

If Lesnar did recently re-sign with WWE, it appears to be a one year deal. We've seen Lesnar work on short-term deals in the past, so if you take White at his word that Lesnar recently earned a good contract from WWE, the reported expiration date of the deal would put the length of that deal at one year.


When it comes to Lesnar's eventual Money In The Bank contract cash-in, one thing that might become part of the equation is SmackDown's move to FOX in October. Remember, there's nothing that says Lesnar has to go after RAW's Universal Championship. Though that has been the tease thus far, he could always shock everyone and come after the WWE Championship on SmackDown.

Given the amount of eyes that will be on WWE in the fall with SmackDown's return to network television (including a lot of promotion during FOX's NFL broadcasts around that time), WWE will likely want to make an immediate splash.