Stone Cold Steve Austin Gives Kevin Owens a Shoutout After He Nailed Shane McMahon With a Stunner

After teasing a turn last week, Kevin Owens went full babyface on SmackDown Live this week when he brawled with Dolph Ziggler, cut a scathing promo on Shane McMahon and closed out the show by nailing the son of Vince McMahon with a Stunner.

And if you thought seeing a member of the McMahon family get hit with a stunner seemed familiar, you're not alone. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was one of many wrestlers to give Owens a shoutout after attacking McMahon.

The online back and forth between Austin and Owens goes all the way back to January 2017 when Owens broke out the move in a match against Roman Reigns at that year's Royal Rumble.

"Damn. I guess I gotta teach @FightOwensFight how to do a GD Stone Cold Stunner. Put some stink on it, kid," Austin tweeted at the time.

Owens then appeared on an episode of The Steve Austin Show, where the WWE Hall of Famer broke down the intricacies of the move.

"When you kick the guy right in the gut, right in the diaphragm, boom. You sap his lungs full out of all the oxygen," Austin said. "You suck the oxygen right out of his lungs. All of a sudden, his brain's like [choking noise]. 'I need to breathe. I'm 'bout halfway blown up.' This is deep in the match. 'I need oxygen.'"

"So that kick isn't just about bending him over a little so that you have easier access to the head," Owens responded

"Now, let's take double body weight: 500 pounds, give or take, hittin' you with an uppercut," Austin added. "That's both men's weight coming down on that shoulder. You hit your ass on the mat, the mat springs you back up. The vertebrae in your back give that energy a direct path through the shoulder to his damn jawbone. Wham. Lights out. That's how scientific it is, Kevin."

When Owens returned from injury in February he started consistently using the Stunner as his finisher.


"Hey (Steve Austin), I finally figured it out!" Owens tweeted after first breaking out the move.

Numerous wrestlers thanked Owens for his promo after Tuesday night's show, including Ali, Buddy Murphy and Liv Morgan.